Company Profile

Founded in 1979, Gunior is an experienced manufacturer of cycling packs, backpacks, ski board bags,pet bags and stroller seats. The company has build up a solid business reputation over the past 27 years with their professional technology, exceptional quality and innovative R&D.
Gunior has two factories located in Taiwan and Shenzhen. Due to the competitive pressures in the industry and R&D considerations, their plant in Taiwan is primarily responsible for handling small flexible orders and new product development work. The company employs 30 people at their Taiwan factory and around 130 people at their Shenzhen factory. Annual sales are around NT$150 million.
Their top two products, cycling packs and stroller seats are chiefly exported to Europe and Japan.
Focusing mainly on cycling pack development, the company has invested large sums specialized cycling fastener research and development and mold production. Chun Yeh has earned patents for the fastener designs. These new fastener designs are extremely useful for the cycling pack repair market. Consumers find them both highly compatible with all types of cycling packs. The company presently offers twenty types of fasteners for the cycling market.
As the economies of China, Vietnam and Eastern Europe have opened up, Taiwan no longer has any competitive advantage in traditional manufacturing. Facing with increasing competition, Chun Yeh decided to move their production to China to lower costs and service customer groups with different needs. In addition to developing fasteners, the company is also working to develop new materials, accessories and production technology to provide better products, more accurate delivery times and higher quality.
Gunior has formed an expert R&D team to meet customer product development needs. By using Carel and Illustrator CS, the team significantly reduces the time it takes to prepare customer samples. Furthermore, they have made a breakthrough in their production process that provides 100% waterproofing and reduces stitching. The company has now set its sights on entering the outdoor equipment bag market.
Over the past 27 years, Gunior has dedicated themselves to developing a sustainable business through R&D and innovation. They have always sought out new opportunities in turbulent times. The company is also grateful to the customers who have supported and trusted them as their business has grown. Gunior welcomes OEM and joint development opportunities from brand name manufacturers in every country so we can create new business together.